Fall Centerpiece Ideas


    The leaves change to rich colors, markets fill with fresh produce and the vacation season kicks off. Lots inspiration are located inside the fall for entertaining and decorating. Discover the way to create beautifully seasonal centerpieces.

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Improve Your Kitchen

Everyone loves their home and they want to design each part of their house with the latest and stylish accessories including furniture, equipment and other kind of accessories but the very useable and common part of the house is the kitchen which requires some especial attention of you.

So it is also very important to improve the look of your kitchen all the time that can create an interactive expression of your house the kitchens in Birmingham are so famous because of its fabulous style and design all the kitchens in Birmingham are well improved, cleaned and filled with the latest technology of electrical appliances and devices which also help you to make your work easy and fast.

Generally people specify a large space for the part of the kitchen where you can set all basic the accessories and equipment like an oven, fridge, cabinets, chimney, dishwasher, microwave, grander and many more to make a perfect kitchen. It is necessary to set each and everything at the exact and suitable locations in your kitchen its depend how you design your kitchen. Environment of the kitchen is also important to perform your work easily and comfortably where everything should be handy and easily accessible the other part of kitchen designing is about the customization in which you can decide what kind of floor you want and what kind of cabinet style should be fixed in your kitchen basically this is the initial and the constructive stage of kitchen designing.

You can get lots of the ideas from the expert to improve your kitchen so if you have any ordinary style kitchen then you can also moderate that with the latest trend of kitchen style kitchen in Birmingham is the ideal sample for this which is designed according to the latest trend of kitchen style.

Decorating with Headboards

Your bedroom needs to be a secure haven. We spend the foremost time in our bedrooms but spend the smallest amount of time decorating them. Add a distinct headboard for a cheap option that makes a massive, beautiful impact with our ideas.

Decorate with Old Windows

Easily transform old windows, found at the cheap at garage sales and flea markets, into creative décor for any room in the home. Use simple materials like fabric, chalkboard paint and our creative ideas to get inspired.

1. Make a short photo display. Prop up an old window or hang it at the wall. Use colorful paper craft tape to connect photos and postcards to the glass panes. 2. Organize with chalkboard paint. Brush a coat of chalkboard paint onto the panes and let it dry. Hang inside the kitchen to maintain grocery lists easily accessible, or within the dining room to write down the nightly menu. 3. Create a singular headboard. Use a tremendous window without glass as a headboard. Prop up the window behind your mattress, or attach it on to the wall. 4. Make a message board. Hang an old window at the wall within the entryway or mudroom as a one-of-a-kind message board.

  • Glue clothespins to the window frame clip on notices or pictures.
  • Hang twine between two nails on both sides of the frame. Attach messages along the twine with clothespins.

Dorm Room Decorating Tips

Add some customized touches like fabric crafts, fun area rugs and collection displays to make dorm rooms feel more like home. Our inexpensive, creative ideas will provide easy the way to make the transition to dorm life more well-off.

Embrace Neutral Designs

Work with neutrally painted walls to create an area that feels natural, light and open.

  • Keep bedding neutral with light duvet covers and earthy materials like linen.
  • Put down a jute rug to aid create an organic look with the white walls.
  • Usher in reflective materials like glass lamps and mirrors to provide the room a bright, airy feel.

DIY Decorative Vegetable Jars

Create lovely jars and bottles full of colorful sliced fruit or plump vegetables for decorating the kitchen. Simply use a number of household materials, our guide and filling suggestions to benefit how.

Jars with lids and seals
Butter knife or wooden skewer
White vinegar or mineral oil
White craft glue

  1. Layer produce in jars in an ornamental way. Keep vegetables and fruit separate.
  2. Use butter knife or flat end of skewer to transport items across the bottom of jar. Continue layering, packing the jar full.
  3. Cover contents with white vinegar or mineral oil.
  4. Pipe a layer of glue inside threads of jar ring. Put lid in place and tighten.
  5. Cut fabric about 2” larger than the jar lid. Attach to jar using white glue.
  6. Gather fabric around lid and tie twine across the rim. Trim as needed.

Adding Light for your Home Décor

    Follow our 4 easy décor ideas to bring brighter hues, sunshine and other light into your house. Even in rooms where adding natural light isn’t an option, these simple, effective projects may help you loosen up any space.

Use Natural Light

  • Hang sheer window treatments or bamboo shades rather than heavy, dark drapes.
  • Mount mirrors with bright frames on walls where they’ll reflect light and make the room feel more spacious.
  • Paint the walls a light-weight shade that mimics sunlight. Dark colors absorb sunlight.

Tip: Discover our lighting guide to be told the right way to correctly incorporate lighting fixtures into your space.

Bring in White

Add brightness with the addition of white paint and accessories like white shelves, side tables, bookshelves and film frames.

  • Paint molding or door frames white.
  • Use white accent lamps with fluorescent bulbs that produce softer, more natural light.
  • Display white ceramic pieces or decorative dishware on shelves or in a china cabinet.
  • Set out white tablecloths or placemats on your kitchen or dining room.
  • Place white seat cushions on chairs.

Choose Accents

Create a profound impact on how light a room feels with our decorating strategies.

  • Add bursts of color with rugs, pillows, bedding or artwork. Choose accents with vibrant hues like yellow and orange.
  • Fill glasses, vases or jars with bright, colored water, glass beads or marbles, and place them on a windowsill. Vary levels for visual interest.
  • Mount a small lamp above a favourite piece of artwork to light up it and add subtle light.
  • Add a small aquarium or tabletop fountain with lighting to include light and a water element.
  • Hang polished metal or mirrored light switch plates that reflect light and add sparkle.

Cut Down Clutter

Use these space planning ideas to open up and lighten your area.

  • Utilize out-of-the-way home storage spaces to aid keep surfaces, bright, clean and open.
  • Purchase benches and ottomans that open for storage for larger items, and ornamental trays or containers to maintain small items from cluttering tables and countertops.
  • Avoid clusters of art. One large piece at the wall will make the room appear lighter and more spacious than several smaller pieces.
  • Use the least amount of furniture possible to make the room feel bigger. Follow lighter shades of wood and upholstery.

Bernardaud: 150th Birthday Collection

Talk a few big birthday: 150 this year. To celebrate, the biggest manufacturer of Limoges porcelain called in a dozen artist friends to design limited-edition dinnerware. Aside from being invited to reimagine les arts de la table, participants got free rein, proving the plate to be a perfect canvas.

Conceptual artist Sarkis Zabunyan’s Kintsugi references the Japanese 16th-century strategy of fixing broken pottery with resin and powdered gold. Mythologie was influenced by the history of painter Alekos Fassianos’s native Greece. In Nabil Nahas’s Étoiles, a starfish arabesque appears throughout. With Prune Nourry and JR’s Je Ne Suis Pas Dans Mon Assiette, it’s a two-sided affair—their own hands appear in photographs on each plate’s back and front. David Lynch turned his focus from film to drawing within the Boundless Sea, which tells one story across 12 dinner plates. Sets vary size-wise from six dinner plates to twelve dinner and 6 dessert plates.

Rug Company: Investigating Tapestry Today


Set to coincide with Expo Chicago, the International Exposition of up to date & Modern Art, “Demons, Yarns & Tales,” opening on the Rug Company showroom September 19, will investigate the current-day role of the ancient tapestry. Featuring designs by 15 contemporary artists, the show is curated by Banners of Persuasion, an arts-commissioning organization created by Rug Company cofounders Christopher and Suzanne Sharp.


The tapestries—among them Gary Hume’s Georgie and Orchids, Julie Verhoeven’s Faraway from the Madding Crowd, Gavin Turk’s Mappa del Mundo, and Jaime Gili’s Zelada—explore such subjects as fashion, politics, and architecture in a sort that required the artists to work with unfamiliar materials: woven wool and silk thread.