How to Make Handmade Soy Candles?

Soy Candles burn slowly as compared to paraffin wax candles thus we get a candle that burns longer. Here are the steps to make handmade soy candles :


– A Metal Bowl topped pot

– Candle Wick

– Measuring Cup

– Wick Clups

– Fragrance

– Wooden Spoon

– Glass Jars

– Soy Wax

– Card Stock

– Glue Gun

– Hole Punch

– Pen

– Glue Stick

– Decorative Papers

Method :

In the pot, the wax needs to be melted until it is completely liquid. Then the container needs to be prepared by measuring the length of the wick, which should about three/four inches longer in height than the container. The wick end should be put through the wick clip and half inch of the wick clip should be sticking out of the bottom. This half inch should be folded over and the wick clip should be glued to the bottom-middle portion of the container with glue gun. The melted wax should be poured in to the container, leaving half inch from the top. Now the fragrance should be added and mixed well. The wick should be straight and a card stock piece should be placed on the container top and a small hole should be made so that the wick stands still. Now the wax should be allowed to cool and the Soy Candles are ready to be lighted or decorated.