Bring Tudor Architectural Details in your Home

If you’re keen on romantic movies, children’s fairytales and architecture that seems like it’s right from your favorite novel, Tudor style homes are probably the epitome of those memories. Tudor architectural details aren’t necessarily from the Tudor England variety of buildings inside the 16th century. When most owners talk over with this form of architecture they’re referencing the way made favored within the United states of america in additional modern times. The 19th and 20th centuries had beautiful examples of this nod to medieval English architecture in addition to the main points that made cottages and early century mansions what they’re today. If you’d want to bring Tudor architectural details into your exterior and interior home, listed here are a number of ideas.

Mix and matching of exterior materials

1. Bringing the long-lasting half-timbered structure for your exterior home

Perhaps there is not any more recognizable detail than the half-timbered facades of Tudor style architecture. Half-timbered refers back to the timber structure staying exposed to the outside and being filled, making a “false” idea of what the structure is truly made out of. Whether stone, stucco or wood this selection is taken from medieval European homes that featured this iconic style. Use can imitate this style due to timber or exposed structure at the façade of your house to recreate the look.

2.  a sequence of steep gable roofs create a “gingerbread home” appeal

Tudor homes all share a typical architectural detail – their steep gable roof pitch. These rooflines create a cottage or gingerbread home aesthetic which is loved by many. The Tudor architectural style can mix an eclectic mix of material facades to supply a mix of beautiful curb appeal ideas to your architectural taste.

Modern-day homes borrow Tudor style influences

3.  Cross gable roof lines give architectural appeal from multiple facades

In addition to the high pitch slope rooflines, Tudor style homes offer feature cross gable roof lines for additional height and architectural appeal from the outside and interior spaces. The power to determine rooflines at the either side elevation is a treat for plenty homeowners who love Tudor architectural details.

4. Modern-day Tudor Revival mimics the Tudor Dynasty of the 1500’s

Similarly to many American architectural styles undergone from generations, can be called Medieval Revival style. Characterized also by the tall, narrow windows and small window panes, Tudor Revival style in modern-day homes are often mixed with state-of-the-art cladding such as brick, flagstone and stucco for a modern nod to old world Tudor style.

Awaken your outdoor home with simple Tudor exterior details

5. Tudor architectural details in your outdoor landscaping

While you may only think about Tudor style details on the façade of your home, don’t forget about your exterior amenities such as fencing, pool houses, and stone or brick walkways.  Well-manicured hedges and shrubbery often line stone driveways and outdoor entertaining areas of Tudor homes. If you’re trying to bring this outdoor living style to your home, try some of these hard and soft scape ideas.

6. Bringing interior details into your Tudor-style home:

Once your outdoor home has the Tudor exterior aesthetics what about the interior of your home? In the early 1920’s – 1940’s in the United States, Tudor style homes graced some of the most palatial estates across New England and northern states. Interior amenities such as high ceilings with exposed heavy timber ceiling beams, small windows and attention to detail in woodworking was paramount. Look to these finishes when trying to incorporate inspiration into your Tudor-style home.

Gothic shape arches in cabinetry are common in Tudor-style design

7. Kitchen details featuring old world style

The kitchens in the early nineteenth century had craftsmanship details such as custom cabinetry with wrought iron and wood being the primary choice of materials. In modern day Tudor homes several cabinetry manufacturers mimic the style of these cabinet details with custom islands, wrought iron lighting fixtures. The Gothic arch was flattened and made into a more rounded arch and became a signature shape in many Tudor style details in everyday kitchens.

Wrought Iron details for lighting and plumbing fixtures

8. Interior Tudor-style cues for your modern day home:

If you are considering renovating an older Tudor home or just like the appeal of certain details – here are a few details to include:

  • Oriel windows are like floating bay windows that extend past the face of the exterior home.
  • Plenty of windows to allow natural light in. Rectangular windows with small lites and mullions were the most common.
  • Lead glass windows also used diamond shape or grid patterns on them to keep up with the geometric symbolic shapes throughout Tudor period design.

9. Tudor materials to incorporate into your home

Architectural materials were a big part of Tudor interiors and exteriors. Natural materials such as rock, plaster, oak wood, stone were amongst those for the exterior and metals like copper, wrought iron and walls were often covered with wood 2/3 of the way up the wall with plaster above. Try adding these gorgeous finishes into your home to feel the warmth of the Tudor-style period in your home.

Bring warmth into your home with natural finishes and rustic old world touches

10. Add warmth to your home with Tudor influences

Reminiscent of the fairy tales, Tudor style homes reflect a historical period where craftsmanship and quality of building was at its pinnacle. From exposed timber ceiling beams to fireplaces with rustic stone surrounds, there is nothing quite like a Tudor home! Use these 10 ideas to bring this sought after style to your home.

Idea for Small Interiors: Retractable Bed by Funn Roberts

We stumbled across this elegant retractable bed especially envisioned by designer Funn Roberts for actor Vincent Kartheiser. When coping with small spaces, having a considerable amount of furniture disappear  out of your living space is bliss. We were pleasantly surprised to work out a concept that’s ready to replace the existence of an extensible sofa, leading to a more well-off sleeping experience.
Unfortunately, the knowledge is scarce in regards to the engineering gizmos the designer utilized in order to move the bed. What we will observe within the photos are some appealing wires and a black frame which appear to “power” the system. With its wooden headboard matching the remainder of the design scheme, the project is not just practical, but additionally has an alluring appearance. The red curtain in front makes one call to mind a theater scene, where decor elements come down after which go up again, mastered by invisible strings and pulleys. Perhaps this was indeed what inspired Funn Roberts to create any such cool furniture piece.

10 Ways to bring luxe design details into your home

If you love the sumptuous feel of satin and smooth textiles between your fingertips or the opulent style of crystal chandeliers sparkling in your home, you probably love all things luxurious and sumptuous! Commonly referred to, as “Luxe” details are the very essence of why we enjoy the finest of materials, fabrics, furniture and interior design style in our homes. Whether you are looking to bring a few luxe details to your interiors or you want to go all out, here’s 10 simple ways to awaken your home with these gorgeous additions.

1. Liven your interiors with imported furniture and relics:

For most of us the idea of traveling the world and visiting luxurious destinations from all corners of the globe is a well sought after dream. Whether you are able to travel the world or not you can bring the luxe details into your home with imported furniture and relics that mimic luxurious pieces. From antique and vintage furniture to mirrors, artwork and one-of-a-kind sculptures, nothing says luxe better than gorgeous imported furniture.

Import sculptures, furniture and other decor for your luxe interiors

2. Larger size doesn’t always mean better for luxe urban-goers

We often equate larger size for meaning better but if it involves luxe living don’t overlook posh small urban lofts and houses which might be worth greater than a rustic sprawling estate. Bring luxe living into your small urban apartment by maximizing every square foot with luxurious designer materials, finishes, artwork and furniture that have been hand-selected to your specific taste and concrete dwelling.

Look for your travels for interiors inspiration in your luxe home

3. Visit design centers to your area for luxe finds:

If you don’t know where to locate showroom & designer quality furniture that oozes luxurious appeal in your interiors consider visiting design centers on your area. Design centers are ideal because they frequently get small quantities of furniture that won’t be seen everywhere. In addition they may be able to order or showcase the most recent designs from designers who cater to raised-end clientele with special designer lines and offerings in your home.

Don’t underestimate your small abode with luxe details

4. Custom artisan details made only for your own home

If you’re bored with seeing an analogous furnishings and residential decor as options to your home, why not commission an artisan to create custom pieces(s) on your home? Whether you’ve got a gap over your fireplace that you’d like a wonderful piece of artwork with colors out of your interiors otherwise you need a watch-catching sculpture in your foyer entrance, an artisan can create exactly what you desire. From lighting and furniture to artwork and outdoor home installations a custom piece to your home could be without equal in luxe details.

Commission your favorite artisan to create custom artwork in your interiors

5. Kitchen finishes and appliances with luxe appeal

Your kitchen may be the costliest room of your own home in the case of finishes, appliances and cutting-edge technology. Otherwise to bring luxe details into your house is with a gourmet kitchen that includes most fulfilling kitchen appliances with unique design features in addition to finishes you won’t see in most typical homes. Custom cabinetry made particularly on your kitchen in addition to imported and comfort tile, wood, metals and professional grade kitchen appointments can bring your kitchen into the showstopper category. Look to unique metallic finishes to add extra pizazz in your interiors.

luxe design kitchen appliances

6. The finest of textiles for your luxe home interiors

Fabrics are one of the most tactile additions to your home’s interior that your hands, body and soul can relate to. They offer comfort, security, and beauty and can create a luxe design aesthetic that sets the mood for your room. Pair up with your favorite interior designer to plan your window treatments, furniture, accent throw pillows and carpet to utilize a customized color and design scheme for your interiors. From cashmere and silk to imported and handmade textiles the possibilities are endless.

Bring luxe materials into your furniture, window treatments and more

7. Bring influences from your favorite luxe hotel stays

There is nothing more sumptuous than slipping into a cozy bed adorned with luxury linens and posh pillows to make you feel like royalty! Bring luxe details from the finest of hotels into your master suite and master bathroom with plush towels, imported bed linen, and a designer custom bed to match your interiors couldn’t be finer. If you’re in the process of remodeling your bedroom, opt for divided areas of privacy similar to luxe hotels worldwide. A sitting or parlor room area, a main bedroom and a terrace or balcony extending off of your room to the outdoors could make your bedroom the best room of your home!

8. Opulent bathroom amenities create a luxurious spa-like appeal

While you may think you’re looking into a jewelry box of rare crystal and precious gems, bathrooms with opulent finishes are a gorgeous way to bring luxe appeal into your bathroom. From crystal, gold and platinum plated vanity sinks and plumbing fixtures to state of the art showering and bathing innovation, your bathroom can be the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Look to your bathroom to feature flat screen televisions, mini-kitchens, fireplaces and more with technology that is remote and smart phone operated for your luxe home.

9. Innovative technology for the modern luxe home

Luxe details don’t just have to be decorative. In our modern day homes of smart technology there is an increasing need for homes that match our demanding lifestyles. From state of the art media rooms for family and friends to watch movies and entertain, to luxury gadgets that offer controls of our heating/cooling, security and even window treatments, there is no limit to how much innovation your home can feature. Ask an audio-visual professional or smart home consultant to see what amenities will work best in your home.

10. Visit international home design fairs when they come for your area

Don’t forget that luxe interiors and innovative technology can be found where you least expect it. Check to see when the next market or technology convention is set to your hometown. Major metropolitan cities often have international technology, housewares, and design fairs that bring top designers and brands to feature the latest luxe trends to your home. Look to them for inspiration to your home!

Freshome reader’s we’d love to know what luxe amenities you love in your house.

10 Rustic Barn Ideas To apply For your Contemporary Home

10 Rustic Barn Ideas To apply For your Contemporary Home

In our modern design world there’s still a eager for living sustainably and to rekindle the nostalgia of ways homeowners lived in earlier generations. Rural farming was and still is an immense source of ways we feed our families today and the barns and rural housing structures that after housed animals and livestock are being renovated into modern and contemporary homes. Barn conversions are an ideal way to revitalize old barns that otherwise would just sit in disrepair. Rustic barn details are showing up in additional interior design trends, and whether you desire to renovate an old barn or simply steal a number of elements well-liked – listed below are 10 to bring rustic flair into your place.

1. Reclaimed timber and wood elements to your home:

One of the foremost distinguishing elements of old barns is their heavy use of natural wood timber of their structure. Many barns left the exposed structure visible as these building were for utilitarian purposes instead of being aesthetically pleasing. Today, many owners are using reclaimed timber and wood of their interiors and engaging in the exposed structure vernacular as a country note of their home. From exposed columns for your interiors to roof trusses and exposed beams, you are going to adore the country appeal it brings for your home.

2. Expansive windows make for beautiful views:

The fantastic thing about old barns is there wide openings to the outside. Whether or not they were used to bring supplies through or if you want to let sunlight in to the livestock, rustic barns be ready to set the scene for full panorama views. Consider bringing these large picture frame rectilinear windows into your property. If you’re converting an old barn make sure the new windows are eco-conscious for winter and summer heating in your new home.

3. Sliding barn doors to define your spaces

Possibly one of the vital popular design trends from rustic barns to cross over into contemporary homes is using the sliding barn door. Utilized in old barns due to ability to shut and open very large door openings with out a large door swing pathway, barn doors and barn door hardware is good for rooms that must be closed off and not using a intrusive door swing. Designers are finding new uses for these gorgeous doors for a kitchen pantry, bathroom doors, or to split large rooms on your interiors.

4. Ensure your private home is insulated if converting from a barn

While the appeal of exposed walls and structure could be appealing from an aesthetics view, the insulation and the way comfortable the temperature is in your house have to be considered. Thermal panels, rolled batt insulation, and foam insulation may well be options reckoning on the way you choose to finish off the internal of your house. Talk to a pro heating and air engineer or consultant that can assist you ensure your house is comfortable all year around.

5. Soaring ceilings create voluminous space 

If you adore a lot of airy loftiness on your interiors, barn conversions or opening up your current ceiling to only the exposed structure is a brilliant option. For homeowners that prefer the more finished look, dry wall could be applied to the bottom of the structural members, still opening up the rooms below to wide open ceiling area. Many owners find opening their ceiling to the structure above makes their rooms feel larger and the chance to let more light through with skylights or windows is an option too.

6. Kitchens borrow farmhouse details on your modern home

 If you’re looking to create a kitchen that shares some of the rustic details of barn living, look to farmhouse country style for inspiration. Butcher block countertops made out of wood are a country characteristic that many love for food preparation. Rustic pendant lighting in Benson, School House or other industrial-country inspired fixtures can illuminate your kitchen beautifully. Also look to barn door options to shut off pantries and other rooms of your house.

7. Rustic kitchen amenities to embellish your interiors

Farmhouse wrap around sinks and matching plumbing fixtures can accompany your butcher block countertops for a kitchen that borrows rustic details from popular barn conversions. Play off of the exposed wood on your dining room and kitchen barn furniture to awaken your kitchen. Pops of color akin to blue, yellow and red are frequently Americana colors that playfully get used throughout modern country homes.

8. Worn and weathered wooden floors to recreate vintage barn aesthetics

Another amenity in addition to barn doors which is trending within the design community is using knotty wooden flooring planks which can be weathered and worn looking. You should use reclaimed wood floors from older barns on your home and get faux varieties that give an identical aesthetic. Look to natural pine, oak, and maple wooden floors that experience imperfections; dents, knots and powerful wood grain are the best rustic wood floors to get the specified look.

9. Consulting with a design professional before converting a barn

So you found an old barn which is in disrepair but you’re sure it usually is converted right into a great home for you and your loved ones? Before you envision yourself moving in, refer to an architect or general contractor to ascertain what design modifications would be essential to complete the project. Plumbing, electrical, structural and heating and aircon can be expensive and extensive. Know what’s involved to make your newfound barn a reality.

10. Restoring old buildings is an eco-conscious way of living

Whether you choose to bring rustic barn details into your own home, otherwise you plan to transform a barn into your new home, keep in mind that reusing and repurposing old barns is a superb thanks to utilize what’s existing. In our world of recent buildings being erected, it’s always nice to renovate the old and preserve its character and history for generations to come back.

Freshome readers what are your favorite rustic barn details that you’d love at your residence?